Our Missions

Pacific Tuberculosis and Cancer Research is a public-benefit non-profit
organization dedicated to health care and medical research for tuberculosis
and cancer. We seek new and more effective treatments, conduct and support
research on the cutting edge of scientific and technological evolution and
innovation, and improve patient well-being. It is our responsibility to solve
the problem for each individual patient at our best. We apply new information
technology to improve both the quality and efficiency of the health-care
system. Moreover, we constantly monitor the progress of research and provide
an organized information source of up-to-date knowledge published in academic
biomedical journals addressing vital issues concerning tuberculosis and cancer.
With the advent of unfolding genomes, our research emphasizes the genomic
technology, which becomes an indispensable part of our armamentarium to
attack these diseases. We conduct and support clinical health care and biomedical
research leading to cure or near-cure solutions to tuberculosis and cancer
in the following areas:
Our research targets contemporary issues, resolves controversial issues,
and explores new ideas and solutions.